The Sunshine Burger team loves to cook up delicious dishes and enjoy them, but honestly – we HATE the clean-up process. The inspiration for today’s recipe – Taco Salad in Edible Bowls – comes from our desire to make cleanup as easy as possible.

Making homemade, edible taco bowls is really simple. Here’s how we do it:

  • Preheat oven to 375⁰F
  • Place soft taco shell in an oiled or greased oven-safe dish. The size of the taco bowl you’ll make depends on what size soft shell you are using. Remember, your shell will take the shape of the bowl you use, so if you want a deep bowl, you’ll need to use extra-large shells and place them in a bowl that is taller than it is wide.
  • Bake 13-16 minutes, or until shell is evenly browned
  • Remove from oven. We recommend waiting 3-5 minutes before removing the baked shell from the dish. The extra time will allow the shell to cool and firm.


Edible taco bowls are perfect for holding a delicious salad. For this taco salad, we started with a base of shredded lettuce and added diced tomatoes, onions, vegan cheese, Black Bean Southwest burger crumbles and topped it off with a hearty scoop of salsa. If you’re a guacamole fan, definitely spoon a dollop of that on there too!

Taco Salad in Homemade Edible Bowls  Ingredients

We love this salad because it’s easy to make, delicious and clean-up is a cinch! Even those who aren’t the biggest fans of salad, will enjoy snapping off crunchy pieces of the tortilla bowl.


Here’s a quick shopping list for what you’ll need to make your own Taco Salad and Edible Bowls: